Internal Id Grinder

Internal Id Grinder

●Hydraulic 3-jaw chuck
●3-jaw scroll chuck
●Magnetic coolant separator
●Paper filter

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This Internal Id Grinder can process high hardness materials, such as hardened steel and hard alloy. It can also process brittle materials such as glass and granite. The device is more flexible. Able to perform flexible machining. Flexible processing is not only suitable for multi variety, medium and small batch production, but also for mass production. It can alternately complete the processing of two or more different parts, add the function of automatic workpiece replacement, and realize unattended at night. It has the characteristics of simple control, low labor efficiency and high machining accuracy.


1. Internal Id Grinder is suitable for processing all kinds of complex and special-shaped parts.
2. It can realize computer control, so it can run automatically to eliminate human error.
3. The computer software can realize precision compensation and control, so it is very intelligent and efficient.
4. It is applicable to machining center, turning center, grinding center, electric machining center, etc. With the functions of tool magazine and tool change, the clamping times are reduced and the machining accuracy is improved.

Product Specification



Internal grinding range (I.D. : length = 1.3)

Ø 200 mm

Max. workpiece length

500 mm

Internal wheel spindle

Spindle outer diameter

Ø90 mm

Spindle speed

10000~50000 r.p.m.


Max. table traverse

480 mm

Max. table feed speed Z axis

10 M/min

Work spindle

Spindle speed

0~800 r.p.m.

X axis feed speed

10 M/min

X axis min. travel unit

0.001 mm

Y axis min. travel unit


Z axis min. travel unit

0.001 mm

Workhead swivel

Clockwise 1° ~ anticlockwise 1°


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