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Clamp for centerless grinder

- Feb 09, 2020-

The centerless grinder can greatly reduce the horizontal size of the centerless grinder, and the grinder can be installed in a small installation space, thereby meeting the requirements of simplification and space saving of various production lines.

The centerless grinder fixture includes a bracket, and the lower ends of two sets of opposed pallets are connected with the bracket through a shaft. It is characterized in that it also includes 4 conical-end short screws. The 4 conical-end short screws form a group in pairs, and each A set of staggered arrangement, passing through the through hole on the bracket and the slot of the bracket in opposite directions; the conical end of the cone-end short screw is fixed on the cone hole of the bracket, and the other end extends out of the bracket and is screwed with a nut ; The cone-end short screw is sleeved with a cone spring at the position between the bracket and the pallet.

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