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What is the operating process of a centerless grinder

- Feb 15, 2020-

What is the operating process of a centerless grinder and how to adjust the machine?

1: First adjust the distance between the blade and the grinding wheel, then adjust the guide wheel to approximately the diameter of the workpiece, place the workpiece between the guide wheel and the grinding wheel, and then slowly advance the guide wheel to slightly clamp the guide wheel to the workpiece, and then push it back and forth , Find the contact point, the contact point is in the middle position, feel that the workpiece advances to the front and back, and the middle is slightly tight.

2: The guide plate needs to be adjusted below. First put the workpiece in. Generally, it is better to adjust the workpiece with a length slightly longer than the guide plate. 1/3 of the workpiece is placed between the grinding wheel and the guide wheel. At this time, the workpiece cannot be squeezed. The advance and retreat must be smooth. The Wafangdian machine tool presses the workpiece on the grinding wheel with a wooden stick or other things to make the workpiece and the surface of the guide wheel parallel. In addition, adjust the guide plate so that the adjustment of the guide plate is as flat as the workpiece surface. Pay attention to the contact between the front and rear of the guide plate and the workpiece, and there should be no gap. Especially in the back, if there is a gap, it will cause oscillation.

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